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Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe & European Communications

Keynote: Finding growth for the telcos

Alex Kazbegi, Group Chief Strategy Officer, VEON

This is the single biggest and most difficult question facing the industry right now.

There has been much talk of new operational and business models. Is this the right approach – trying to be so many things at once – and where is the evidence of progress?

Cloud: are hyperscalers and telcos natural friends or enemies?

Martin Taylor, CTO, Metaswitch

Public cloud providers have been promoting their telco prowess, but are they intent on collaborating with network operators with or competing against them? Should carriers be charmed by, or concerned about, this newfound interest in enabling modern infrastructures? This session will discuss whether cooperation is the key or if telcos should outright ignore these advances.

Is blockchain out of the blocks?

Johannes Opitz, VP Commercial Roaming Services, Deutsche Telekom

Distributed ledger technology has potential applications for many different telco use cases and the time for operators to learn and prepare is now.  Several operators have been involved in a pilot using a blockchain platform to create a new frictionless ecosystem for roaming discount agreements. What has been learnt?  

Time for a regulatory shake-up in Europe?

John Strand, CEO, Strand Consult

If we look at the telecommunications market in Europe, it has evolved from world leader status to laggard. In 2000, Europe had 6 makers of mobile phones and accounted for one-third of global investment in broadband. Today, investment has been halved, and no phone makers remain.  Capital fled to more welcoming regions. Europe was among the first with 3G and 4G, but it will be among the last when it comes to 5G.  A misguided campaign to lower telecom prices has resulted in attacking industry fundamentals. Moreover, successive telecom regulation has not improved quality or consumer satisfaction. Europe’s telecom networks are older and slower than other regions of the world, and European authorities have blocked the mergers that would allow telecom operators to invest in next generation technologies and create competition. The big question is what should the future of regulation look like? And who will benefit from it? 

Digital transformation – are we on the right path?

Juan Carlos Garcia Lopez, SVP Technology & Ecosystems, Telefonica

What do we mean by digital transformation in telecoms in 2021 and how has it changed since we started talking about it a decade ago? How much have telco organisations altered in that time to enable them to thrive in the digital age?

Comfort break

PANEL: The role of technologies in operators’ strategies

Matteo Gatta, Director Technology Strategy & Innovation, Proximus
Kirsi Valtari, EVP, Elisa Automate
Biswajit Deva Sharma, Chairman of Technology Board, Tecnotree

Are technologies’ new capabilities what drive strategy (such as low latency and network slicing) or are they the means of delivering the strategy?

IoT: Living on the edge

Martin Garner, Chief Operating Officer, CCS Insight
  • How does telco edge computing look from an IoT customer’s point of view?
  • How do IoT edge computing drivers differ from those for other telco edge use cases?
  • What do telcos need to do to ensure their edge computing services fit the market?

The trouble with data

Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum

Telcos have been grappling with extracting intelligence from the oceans of data they have for a decade now, with little success. This is becoming increasingly urgent as data is the raw material required by analytics and AI, which in turn are fundamental to automation. 

PANEL – The telco in 2030

Yogesh Malik, CTIO, Tele2
Urs Reinhard, Chief Digital & Customer Officer, UPC Switzerland  
Dean Bubley, Founder & Director, Disruptive Analysis

What will telcos look like and how will they operate and make money by then?

Wrap up of Day 2

Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe & European Communications

End of conference